Our Story

Our Story

Aaron Eddy Gonzales began his Industrial Maintenance career in 2004, a few years after completing high school. He worked for several industrial companies where he held many titles including facility maintenance technician, conveyor mechanic, machine operator, HVAC technician, large equipment operator, and airport facility grounds manager. Throughout the years, his wide range of responsibilities included many trades and provided experience in many aspects including electrical, plumbing, carpentry, welding, machine operating, and HVAC. His vast knowledge of the trades helped pave his path to finally obtain employment with Dallas Ft. Worth Airport as a board facility member overseeing maintenance operations at the world’s second-largest airport. Being around the aviation industry on a daily basis, his interest in aviation was sparked.

In 2008, while continuing to build his maintenance experience at DFW airport, he was given the opportunity to begin flight training. After many months of schooling, he eventually graduated flight school with 8 aviation licenses including a Commercial Airline Certificate and Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. He then began flight instructing part-time at a local flight school in Grand Praire Texas to build flight time, all while maintaining his full-time mechanic job.

In 2011 after meeting flight time requirements, he accepted his first full-time airline job with Trans States Airlines and decided to peruse his aviation career full-time. Throughout the next few years, his aviation career had ups and downs due to the economy. He experienced a layoff both in 2011 and again in 2015 due to the instability of the aviation industry and economy. Each time he was laid off from aviation, he was fortunate enough to be able to return to the maintenance industry and use his previous experience to provide further employment.

Fast forward to the end of 2020 with the impending Covid Pandemic determined to once again upset the aviation industry, Aaron decided to be proactive and start a company in the event he lost his employment again. This is the moment Preflight Home Inspections was born. He aimed to utilize all his previous maintenance experience alongside his experience operating aircraft for the commercial airline industry. He felt that in a home inspection business, he would be able to relate both his maintenance experience and aviation experience together and provide a business model that incorporated them both. He understands the importance of a thorough preflight and knowledge of all vital aircraft systems of an airplane prior to flight. He also believes it is just equally important to have a knowledge of house components and obtain a Preflight Home Inspection prior to a house purchase. This is his goal with every home inspection he conducts. He aims to earn your trust and use his experience and knowledge, and share it with the potential new homeowners.

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