Our Story

Our Story

When you take a flight, risks are mitigated by the knowledge, experience, and professionalism of your pilot as they perform a preflight inspection of the aircraft. When you buy a home, both physical and financial well-being are at risk. This risk is mitigated by trusting a certified professional inspector to bring the same care, knowledge, experience, and professionalism a pilot brings to a preflight.

In early 2022 while catching a flight home from work, Aaron ran into a fellow Airline Transport Pilot named Catherine, who had a similar background, and introduced her to Preflight Home Inspections.

Catherine currently works for a legacy airline flying the Boeing 757 and 767.

Before becoming an Airline Pilot, Catherine managed a facility maintenance group as an ISSA CIMS-certified professional; she worked in the research industry implementing OSHA standards, assisted in construction projects in framing, electrical, HVAC, and roofing, and led an all-female installation team for a Solar company. Catherine donated her time to charities such as Habitat for Humanity and today she spends most of her free time helping her family’s farming business in Senoia GA.


After finding many commonalities with Aaron, Catherine pursued her certification as a professional inspector through InterNACHI.

In late 2022, Catherine reached out to Aaron, asking him to consider selling his business. Since the entire philosophy was based on safety, trust, experience, and knowledge, Aaron knew that Catherine would grow the company with the same philosophy, respect, and risk mitigation he did. Aaron had started two other businesses around the country and confidently agreed to sell the business recognizing that Preflight could expand and continue to help homeowners using the same founding principles with Catherine and her family.

With a family of retired veterans to assist, Catherine hopes to grow Preflight into the most trusted home inspection business in the industry. The aviation industry is commonly referred to as a family. Preflight has changed ownership to a new family-run business, and Aaron continues to work with Preflight as his time allows as part of this family.

Catherine and Aaron believe that in a home inspection business, one should be able to relate maintenance experience and aviation experience to provide a business model that incorporates both.

Preflight home inspections is a business with the unique talent of bringing these essential aspects together.

The goal of Preflight, with every home inspection, is to earn trust and share knowledge with homeowners.

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